It's a Metaphor You See.

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I once had an angel
who watched over my shoulder
and told me how to act like a lady.

When the boy with the threatening grin
pulled on my hair with his dirty hands
the angel stopped me from telling my mother.
Said, ‘It’s only because he likes you.’
So I kept quiet
and when the boy grabbed my wrist
hard enough to leave a bruise
I pretended it was instead
a birthmark conveniently formed
in the shape of a heart.

I was walking to work
when I heard a catcall from a car
stopped at a light.
I wanted to tell him that my existence
was not an open invitation to fuck me
but the angel told me
that I was overreacting,
so I smiled at him
while wishing the ground would
swallow me whole.

It was a Saturday night
and I was in bed
when he came tumbling into the room
smelling strongly of whiskey and cigarettes.
He pulled the covers off
and slid his hands up my thighs.
I told him I was tired but his hands
crept higher.
The angel told me to stay still,
to relish his touch
to make him feel good.
He wants you, let him have you.
So I listened and closed my eyes
and waited for it to end.

Later that night,
I sat on the bathroom floor
and carved into my skin
all the words the angel
has ever told me.
Be soft.
Do not raise your voice.
Cross your legs.

I once had an angel
who watched over my shoulder
and told me how to act like a lady
so I grabbed a .22
and shot it dead.
I had to kill my angel
before it killed me.

Tina Tran, The Passive Girl  (via larmoyante)



A few weeks ago me and one of my friends went to see The 1975. Whilst there, we were having an amazing time, and I’m usually the kind of person who wouldn’t dare to do anything other than what I’m used to. However, there was a moment during the concert where I realised that life’s about making the most of every moment given to you. There was a guy stood to the right of me who we’d been chatting with a little bit, and after a lot of hesitation and shyness, I told myself ‘5 seconds of courage is all it takes’. So I tapped him on his shoulder, and forced out the words “could I get up on your shoulders please?”, and to my surprise a huge smile lit up on his face and he said, “of course”.
He then bent down, I got behind him and felt the hands of everyone around us helping me up onto his shoulders. I don’t know who these people were but, they just helped me anyway - people are great.
At this point we were around 2 meters away from the stage, and I felt myself slowly rise as the guy stood back up. I looked around me and saw the faces of the crowd, smiling, singing, all in one huge unity. The feeling I got at this moment was the most amazing feeling in the world, it was literally like I was flying - I can’t even begin to put it into words. The atmosphere, the lighting, and of course, the music. All I could do was throw my arms into the air and rejoice as though I was floating in the sea. I looked straight into Matty’s eyes, and as I was the only person on shoulders, he noticed me. All of a sudden, he started staring right into my eyes, singing down the microphone. To me. I didn’t think the feeling could get any more amazing but somehow it did. For around 10/20 seconds he continued staring into my eyes. When he noticed my laughing he began to smile too.
That’s the thing about concerts, everyone is one. The whole crowd is one huge unity, all there for the sale reason. To listen to the music they love sang by the people they love. There’s no hate, just all, wonderful vibes. I realised that night, again, to make the most of every moment possible. The time really is now.
I was looking through YouTube videos of the concert and found one where I’m up on the shoulders. The picture was pretty blurry - it still is, but after a little editing I managed to make it as clear as it is here. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that moment and now I’m so glad I have a picture.
Enjoy yourself. :)


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